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 Ultratauti Orc Warrior

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PostSubject: Ultratauti Orc Warrior   Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:50 am

About You: Im wery active player im wery social and nice guy:P

Name:Jesse Hietala
Hours of Play Per Day: 5-10

About Your Character

Class: Orc Warrior
Level:70 lvl

Your Gear:
Your Spec:
Willing to respec for guild: YES

Profession 1:Enchant 300
Profession 2:

First Aid Skill: 375
Fishing & Cooking Skill:

WOW Raiding Experience: MC,BWL,ZG,Onyxia

Attunments, Reputation & Quests Complete

Karazhan Attuned: All Most finnish
Revered with which Factions:Honored all

Other Info

Previous Guilds:
Why did you leave your last guild:No Raid
Do you have ventrillo and a working mic: Yes i have
How late can you play at night:all night

Anyone in Spartans that can sponsor you: No

WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN SPARTANS?: Cause i Love raid whit guild and help other players
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PostSubject: Re: Ultratauti Orc Warrior   Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:32 am

We dont need dps war and atm we have many tanks:)
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Ultratauti Orc Warrior
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